How to unlock HTC phone

How to unlock HTC phone
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It is not uncommon for users to get locked out of their Android mobile devices. This may result from application of multiple patterns attempts or simply a forgotten password.
No matter how frustrating the scenario maybe, there is always a fix to such a problem. If, you happen to own an HTC mobile phone and have gotten yourself locked out of the device, then you do not need to worry.

Here, we will guide you through easy steps that will let you unlock HTC phone and save you the hassle of taking it to a servicing store right from doing it yourself steps to do it with htc unlock code generator.

Things to Keep In Mind

If you are suddenly locked out of your HTC mobile device then it is important for you to first recognise the issue before knowing how to unlock htc. It is important to note that, this is a security feature that is provided to protect the data in your phone from anyone who would try to access it in an unwarranted way. However, a phone lockout may happen accidentally on your part as well. So, to know how to unlock HTC mobile device, read through.

How To Unlock HTC Device

Irrespective of the kind of HTC mobile that you own, locking out is a common problem. Resetting your mobile by going to the factory setting is an option and that might help you access your phone in sometime.

1. You have to try the pattern or PIN up to five times. To evade the password lock, you will need to attempt and enter it five times. This way your mobile will show that is locked again and then will be provided the option to log into the system by using a substitute method.
2. You can likewise try to turn off your mobile. After your HTC mobile is completely powered off, you can power on the device again by holding the power button down, volume up key and home button all at once.

How to unlock HTC phone

3. To unlock HTC phone you may use the Android Device Manager. You have to sign in with your Google login. Now, in the ADM border you have to select the particular device that you require to unlock and then select ‘Lock’ option. You will be asked to feed a temporary password in the window that appears.

4. You may have to use pattern using your Google Login for the Android 4.4 operating system. You also have to give a wrong pattern for the screen lock for up to five times. Then opt for the option ‘Forgot Pattern’. This will help you enter your Google account login or a specific backup PIN.

5. Next, you will have to deactivate your lock screen with the help of custom recovery and the ‘Pattern Password Disable’ option. For users who are advanced may download the file known as ‘Pattern Password Disable ZIP file’ on your laptop or computer and then simply place it on the SD card. Next you can inset the SD card into the HTC phone and then reboot your phone into proper recovery.
How to unlock HTC phone

6.. If you want to know how to unlock HTC one m8 then you may use the HTC unlock code generator. Download the tool, simply follow the installation steps and then install the particular software on the device. Then connect your mobile device to the computer or laptop and Just follow the instruction provided and you would be able to unlock your HTC mobile with ease.
These few simple steps cover the basic ways and steps about how to unlock htc and how to unlock htc one m8. To avoid unwanted locking issues, always keep a track of your pattern locks and avoid over-complicated patterns that might slow you down during urgency.
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How to unlock HTC phone
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