How to turn off the BlinkFeed Ads

How to turn off the BlinkFeed Ads
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Android phones are mainly known for their widely customisable options and that is something that it’s the main attracting point for the buyers, alongside the other specifications. Launchers are something that every user wants to be unique yet a simply and hassle free business. The company HTC has added a yet another addition to their wide array of specifications known as BlinkFeed or htc blinkfeed.

While every aspect with the latest htc blinkfeed launcher might seem like a great addition, the ads are adding a hindrance to the entire experience of the launcher. So we’ll further indulge ourselves on how to remove blinkfeed.

What is htc BlinkFeed?

The question what is htc BlinkFeed is very crucial to know. It is basically HTC’s newest addition and attempt at improvement in making their launchers a bit more unique from the traditional launchers supported on the Android platform. It is basically a content feed and also an aggregation suite that is specifically designed to help the users in retrieving information that are important and needs to be on the fingertips. It also includes a highlight section that helps in getting a glance through the downloaded articles and news. The htc BlinkFeed’s user interface is strictly based upon the user’s most used apps.

The steps involved:

The addition of the BlinkFeed launcher has set yet another milestone but the simultaneous promotional ads that come up via the BlinkFeed home screen reader app is definitely frustrating. If you want to about how to remove htc blinkfeed or disabling it, here’s a stepwise guide on how to do the same.
• Step 1:
The primary step involved in disabling the apps is to identify the kind of app that is being displayed on the BlinkFeed home screen reader app. The advertisements in the BlinkFeed are definitely marked as either “sponsored”, “download” or “buy now” button. It is not possible to long press on the specific advertisement in order to disable them. The ad can only be disabled from the BlinkFeed settings menu in htc phone.
How to turn off the BlinkFeed Ads

• Step 2:

After identifying the specific kind of ad, follow the further mentioned steps in order to disable and completely turn off the hindering ads that are causing a lot of problems.

1. The first step is to visit the BlinkFeed home panel on htc phone and then the user needs to swipe the screen from left to right in order to open the menu panel of the device.
2. If the user watches closely, there is a three dots icon placed on the top right corner of the screen. Tapping on it will open a menu.
3. From the pop up options from the menu, the user needs to select the “Settings” option.
4. After tapping on the settings option, the user needs to scroll down to the “Manage Ads” option which is placed under the “Customize” option.
5. From the drop up box from tapping the “Manage Ads” options, the user finally needs to click on the “Turn off interest-based ads” from there to disable the nagging advertisements.

How to turn off the BlinkFeed Ads

That is all that’s needed to be done in order to turn of the or how to remove the BlinkFeed ads on htc phone, but the user needs to keep in mind that these steps only helps in disabling the ads that are catered by the HTC BlinkFeed itself and not from any exterior social media or RSS content.

It has also mentioned in many reviews that the users are not locating any ad management option in their device settings. There is definitely nothing to fret about, it is simply because the advertisements are yet not enabled for the region that you are residing in. the moment the settings for those specific advertisements are enabled, the options for the same will definitely pop up in the device settings.
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