How to fix Error 0x80004005 on Windows

How to fix Error 0x80004005 on Windows
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When you start using Microsoft Windows, you have the chance to receive error 0x80004005 which contains distinct error codes. The article talks about the causes, the symptoms and the ways you can solve the error.

Following are the symptoms of error 0x80004005:

• While trying to start Win XP-based computer, you might receive a kind of error message which resembles like the following.
‘A problem is preventing OS from accurately checking the license for this computer. Error code 0x80004005’

Cause of the error 0x80004005:

The following part shows why you receive the specified error code.
The problem occurs when a file required by Windows Product Activation is a damaged one or goes missing. This takes place when the following conditions are true.
• A backup utility of third party or when a program of antivirus gets interfered with the process of installation of the Windows XP
• A file which WPA requires get modified manually

How to solve the unspecified error 80004005?

Method 1
Note – You need to follow the method when the server error 80004005 takes place after upgrading from the second edition of Microsoft Windows 98.

• You need to start from XP CD-ROM while then perform an upgrade repair related to in-place. You need to make sure that the product key that you use is a valid one.
Method 2
In order to resolve error code 0x80004005, you need to repair installation of the XP by the use of the Windows XP CD. This needs to be followed by the replacement of the files. In order to perform this, follow the following steps.
How to fix Error 0x80004005 on Windows

1. Insert the CD of Windows XP in the DVD drive or in the CD drive.
2. This needs to be followed by you restarting the computer.

3. On receiving such a message, you need press any key for starting the computer from the CD of Windows XP. It is important for you to note that the computer needs to be configured in order to start from CD drive as well as from DVD drive.

4. On receiving following message, press R for starting Recovery Console. This particular part of Setup program gets Windows XP prepared for running on the computer efficiently.

5. You often see numbered option which includes the following:
You need to note this particular path to the Windows for using later right in step 7 along with step 11. After this, you need to press 1 for accessing the installation of primary drive by the use of Recovery Console to fix 80004005 error.
6. When you get prompted, you need to type the password of the administrator. In case you do not possess this particular password, press ENTER.
How to fix Error 0x80004005 on Windows

7. You can type cd D:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 while being followed with ENTER.

8. You need to note that in this particular command, you need to use path which you had noted in 5th step, in case it differed from that of C:\WINDOWS.

9. You can rename following files by the use of REN command. In order to get this done, type

 REN File_Name.extensionFile_Name.old right at command prompt.
 Wpa.dbl
 Pidgen.dll
 Actshell.htm
 Licdll.dlRegwizc.dll
 Licwmi.dll
 Wpabaln.exe

10. You need to type drive letter comprising CD drive in a together manner using a colon followed by ENTER. For example, you can type D while then pressing ENTER.

11. Type cd i386 followed by ENTER

12. You need to type following commands separately followed by ENTER.

 Expand licwmi.dl_C:\WINDOWS\System32
 Expand regwizc.dl_ C:\WINDOWS|System32
 Expand licdll.dl_ C:\WINDOWS\System32
 Expand wpabaln.ex_ C:\WINDOWS\System32
 Expand wpa.db_ C:\WINDOWS\System32
 Expand actshell.ht_ C:\WINDOWS\System32
 Copy pidgin.dll C:\WINDOWS\System32
13. Then type exit while pressing enter in order restart computer.
Now 80004005 error Fixed !
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How to fix Error 0x80004005 on Windows
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