How to Fix DNS Lookup Failed Error

How to Fix DNS Lookup Failed Error
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A common problem plaguing the smooth running of the internet browsers is the DNS Lookup Failure. For most, the internet is a constant companion for both work and leisure purposes.
When you’re using a broadband connection, you might sometimes come across an error message with the ‘DNS Lookup Failed’ notification. Such a problem usually comes about when the internet connection is faulty or the network being mis-configured or there is problem related to the IP. It could also occur due to the DNS server no longer sending a response, or as a result of preventive firewalls blocking the browser. The following steps will provide you with probable solutions to solving such an error in Windows 7, 8 and 10 Operating Systems. You can solve the problem by implementing a few steps that includes the DNS Lookup failed or the IP block lookup.

Option 1: Restoring Faulty Network

The first step to resolve the ‘DNS Lookup Failed’ error is also the most obvious. Check and verify the network connectivity of your system. A failing network can result in a DNS Lookup issue, and you must rectify and restore the connection. The best way to determine connectivity is to ping your server from different machines.

Option 2: Flushing the DNS Cache

Flushing the DNS is the most common solution that is used to resolve DNS Lookup Failed problem. In most Operating System, including Windows, the DNS data is stored in the cache. The DNS provider is always contacted each time an attempt at making a connection is carried out. This happens when the information needed is unavailable. Since your browser’s cache stores information from the websites that were previously visited, so the DNS cache automatically comes with a privacy condition. When the cache is flushed, all entries and information contained in it are automatically deleted.

The process of executing such a task is quite simple and straightforward. Press the “Windows + R” Keys to bring up the RUN window. Type “cmd” and hit Enter and a black popup window will appear. Here, type “ipconfig /flushdns’ and hit Enter. As the popup window disappears, all the records in the cache will be removed, thereby solving the ‘DNS Lookup Failed’ error.
How to Fix DNS Lookup Failed Error

Option 3: Changing the DNS Server Address
How to Fix DNS Lookup Failed Error

How to Fix DNS Lookup Failed Error

The next method at hand is another simple tweak that could quickly resolve the ‘DNS Lookup Failed’ issue. The trick is to change the server address that is automatically generated to your computing device.

To carry out this task, navigate through the Control Panel and open up the “Network and Sharing Centre” window. Under Internet, click on Local Area Connection and click on “Properties”. Click on “Internet Protocol Version 4” and hit the “Properties” button. In the subsequent popup window, click on “Use the following DNS server addresses”, and change the Preferred and Alternate DNS address to and respectively. Tick the “Validate Settings” option and click “OK”. Restart the computer to complete this effective process of DNS server failure problem.

Option 4: Clearing the Cache and Cookies
How to Fix DNS Lookup Failed Error

Quite a number of common browser related errors are resolved by clearing the cache, cookies and browsing history of your Google Chrome and other browser. To execute this process in Google Chrome, click on the “Chrome Menu” icon in the top toolbar and open the Settings window. Scroll down to “Show Advanced Settings” and click on “Clear Browsing Data”. In the subsequent popup window, tick the Browsing History, Cookies and other site and plug-in data, and the Cached images and files checkboxes and click on Clear Browsing Data.

To perform the same process in your Firefox browser, click on the History menu, and select Clear Recent History. Under the Details dropdown, tick the necessary checkboxes, and Time range to clear select the Everything option, and hit Clear Now.
To ensure that you’ve tried all necessary means, you could disable your browser’s add-ons, as these too could cause the DNS Lookup Google Chrome issue or Firefox issue.
You can also search for the IP block lookup.

Finally, you must keep your system free from virus and malware attacks and corrupted data. A regularly maintained system with quick error resolutions is the best way to avoid the DNS Lookup Failure problem.
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How to Fix DNS Lookup Failed Error
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