How to fix Default Gateway Not Available Error

How to fix Default Gateway Not Available Error
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Let’s take up an instance that you are surfing on your computer and a sudden message saying “Default Gateway Not Available” pops up and it’s not just one single time but happens on regular intervals.
Sounds irritating, right? Well, we are here to throw some light on what default gateway is and how to fix the Default Gateway Not Available Error.

What is default gateway?

In the world of electronics and the computer networking it is important to know what is default gateway, a default gateway is the device that aids in passing the traffic from the nearby local subnet to the separate devices on the other subnets. It is specifically the nodes like the servers, network devices and even workstations that help in forwarding packets on to different other networks.
There are mainly two types of internet default gateways:
• The home router that is used to share the Internet connection with a different broadband router in either home or any small business networks serves as the default gateway address in this case.
• In other cases when no router is involved, the router that is present at the Internet Service Provider serves as the default gateway address for residential uses with dialup Internet access.

How to fix the problem with the default gateway not available?

In the past few days, a noticeable problem in the Windows 8 and the 8.1 version has been widely seen. The error that has been gradually popping up says “default gateway not available”. This wireless problem is more prevalent in the Windows 8.1 version and can be really frustrating for the user.
Some of the major drawbacks of this error are the continuous disconnection of the internet along with the restricted and limited internet access that is shown on the networks in Windows 8.1. The main reason of this kind of error is mainly the malfunctioning of the wireless driver. Here we are guiding you along with some easy steps to fix the problem arising with the default gateway not available error.

How to fix Default Gateway Not Available Error

Let us look at the steps that are involved in doing so.

• Step 1:
Open the search option and then simultaneously click on the option “Device manager” from the drop down box.
• Step 2:
After tapping on the “device manager” option, search for the option “Network adapter” and then click on it.
• Step 3:
After selecting the said option, the user needs to tap on the expand network adapter option next and then select the “wireless adapter” option from the existing options.
How to fix Default Gateway Not Available Error

• Step 4:
Right clicking on the Wireless adapter option will open a drop down option list from where the user needs to click on the Update Driver Software option.
• Step 5:
The penultimate step needs the user to finally click on the Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software option from the options next.
• Step 6:
There still might be hindrances with the smooth functioning of the wireless networks. If that is the case, then the user needs to uninstall all the wireless drivers and then update the drives with the latest updates in order to fix the prevailing problems with the default gateway address not available.

How to fix Default Gateway Not Available Error

There are many methods that can be used to deal with the problem. We have only indulged in the primary ways. Some of the other kind of ways involves disabling the auto log-on feature on the computer and even with removing all the McAfee programs on the device.
The user is sure to get rid of all the problems if the user follows the above mentioned steps. If the error still persists, it is suggested to seek any professional help for the problem. You can additionally, do the change default gateway and it might come as a resolution of default gateway not available as well.
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How to fix Default Gateway Not Available Error
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