Circle clock widget for android

Circle clock widget for android
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Android version:3.0 and up
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The operating system Android features a wide array of applications and widgets.
These applications help in making the phone lot more user-friendly. Such is a circle clock widget for android. This is a widget which is shaped in the form of a simple clock. Users can easily customize its color. You can launch application while the circle clock widget gets tapped. With the option to customize it in any manner, the app is of great use. It is compatible with most of the android devices.

How to get circle clock widget on your phone?

• You need to go to the play store of android.
• Search the app in the search box
• On finding it, install the app.
• Launch the Samsung circle clock widget thereafter for use.
It comprises of a clean along with a darn look while being of minimalistic design. The numbers that are present in the middle are easily readable which works extremely well. Until and unless the time gets readable, it is a waste downloading such apps. The colors along with the transparency value are easily changed as per the liking of the users. Along with this, you can also set circle clock widget for showing current date along with the day on the clock’s side. This is the circle clock widget to go for when you are looking for a minimalistic design app to be displayed on the home screen or lock screen of the android phone.

Technical specifications

• The outer circle of the circle clock widget shows the level the phone has been charged. The size of the app is about 562k.
• Current version is 1.0
• The app requires android phones to have the version of operating system of 3.0 and above.
This digital clock widget helps in adorning the home screen by giving a unique look and feel to it. It reflects the date, time along with the battery information. It is extremely simple and of purely minimalistic design. You can easily go with any kind of wallpaper or theme that you wish for. The process of customization comes extremely easy and lets you choose all kind of elements that you wish to display on the home screen.
Circle clock widget for android

The circle widget comes with varied templates and designs that you cannot simple go wrong with. This digital clock widget surely comes to the taste and preferences of all users. It can be simply downloaded from the play store and then launched for easy use. There is a wide array of options present in the Samsung circle clock widget which is sure to make you go crazy. The convenience is sure to make it worthy to be downloaded. It is extremely neat and compact. Its comprehensive look provides much useful information that is going to serve you well.
Circle clock widget for android


The Samsung clock widget does not take a lot of battery while leaving the phone’s battery drained. This feature is extremely impressive as you can now easily download it without any fear of losing battery life. It keeps the users updates at all-time regarding the time along with the date. When it is being charged, it shows the amount of charge that the phone is witnessing. Android circle clock widget is thus nice and simple and thus making your life easier.
Circle clock widget for android

With only a touch on the home screen you are able to know the time as well as the date. No longer do you need to hassle yourself up with checking time from watch or asking anyone else. Just by one single touch, android clock widget shows you the time and the date with utmost convenience.
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Circle clock widget for android
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