How to download and install Pokemon Go on Android

How to download and install Pokemon Go on Android
Developer:Niantic, Inc.
Android version:4.4 and up
Interface language:eng
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Pokémon go is one of the famous games around the world. It has been recently released free of cost. The popularity of this Pokémon is getting increased day by day because the best feature of this Pokémon is that you can play it with real life.
For example, you are running on the way and find the tree and you want to hit the tree with Pokémon, then you can start it and take the tree in your screen and shot the Pokémon toward the tree and it would show on the screen that you have hit the tree in real but you can only see the damage tree.

Very popular game

It is a very amazing that has been very popular around the world and millions of people are playing and installing the application of this Pokémon in the Smartphone. The Pokémon has been launched for the Smartphone because all the Smartphone contains camera so for playing this game, you must have a camera in your phone because without camera it would not work in the mobile. Also, you must have a map on the mobile through which the Pokémon will detect your location and allow you to play it easily.

Countries support

Still, there are many countries available where this Pokémon does not work because Pokémon game does not support those countries. Therefore, there are many alternatives for installing the game on those countries and play it. Pokémon go game play is very famous around the world almost and millions of people have already downloaded this game and keep the application in the mobile and when they find the time they start playing it. You can hit any of the objects which would appear in your mobile camera and you can see the damages in the mobile that you have hit. It gives you real life experience and allows you to be entertain yourself.

The best thing about the Pokémon go game is that it is a very high quality game and does not gather a lot of space in your mobile. It is very handy to play and does not hang your mobile. There are different levels that you have to cross and you can win different Pokémon characters with whom you can play effectively and get more interesting things in this game. New Pokémon goes app is available in the play store for Android users and apple users can download this unique game from the play store. It is available for all operating systems and everyone can download it and play.
How to download and install Pokemon Go on Android

How to download and install Pokemon Go on Android

Pokemon online

Even you can connect this game with your friend and do fight of Pokémon online with your friends and enjoy the time. You can connect your friends with you on this game via internet and then fight with each other and use different Pokémon characters in this game for fighting. It is amazing feature through which you can easily pass the time with friends by playing this game on real time. The quality of this game is super and gives you great user experience.
How to download and install Pokemon Go on Android

Install game

It is very simple to install the Pokémon go in your phone whether you are using apple or android. It is very simple to install in it. Just open the app store or play, store and type the name of the game. Thus, you will find the application of it and then install it on your mobile, once it would install on the mobile then open it and start the game and do some setting and now you are ready to play it. Although it is free for all the people, but it contains some features which you can purchase for making it more interesting for you.

It would boost your power in the game and you can fight with other Pokemon with better power and features. Therefore, those features you can only purchase or you have to cross many levels to get those Pokemon characters or tools for being powerful in the game. It is very interesting and creative game that has won the heart of the people and millions of people are playing this exceptional game throughout the day and night and promoting it effectively so that other people also install it in the mobile and play it.
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How to download and install Pokemon Go on Android
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