How to root HTC desire

How to root HTC desire
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Before we indulge ourselves in the step by step process of how to root HTC desire, let us just get a clear concept about what exactly rooting means. To root a phone in simple terms is same as to jailbreaking in an Android platform.
What is Jailbreaking? It means simply to unlock the operating system of the phone for further and better access to the software of the phone. It enables the user to uninstall the pre-installed unwanted apps, customise the phone and make it brand new and even upgrade the Operating System.

Things to keep in mind:

The process of to root the HTC desire can be very risky and tends to go wrong if any of the steps written below are not followed properly. The steps to root HTC desire that are mentioned are solely for HTC desire and won’t work for any other phone. Since there is risk involved with this process, it is always advisable to always save everything of the phone prior to the process to root as a recovery file.

How to root the htc devices?

The main things that will be required for the process to root HTC desire devices like htc desire hd, htc desire s or even hd voice t mobile that need to root and a personal computer alongside it to achieve the goal.
Here is shared the best ways on how to root HTC desire so that you won’t need to rely on others for the same.

1. First things first, the user needs to set up the Android SDK environment for the initiation for the process to root. The download of the correct USB drivers that will be recognisable by the Personal computer for the device is a very important factor that needs to be kept in mind. The next thing that needs to be done after just to enable the HTC desire is the ”USB debugging mode” of the HTC desire device which is available in the Develop options. If someone is not accustomed with how to set up an Android environment, just look it up.
How to root HTC desire

2. The next step includes work with the bootloader of the device. The user needs to make sure to unlock the bootloader of the device for ensuring the further progress to root the phone. If you are not fully aware of how to do the same, just Google the procedure, it is rather easy.

3. Making a backup of everything that is present in the device is very important, just in case something goes wrong. Just make a quick back-up in the Google drive or any other place from where you can retrieve the information in times of need.
How to root HTC desire

4. The next in the process is simply to download the TWRP recovery and once that is done, the user needs to simply extract the same to the Android SDK folder that was priorly installed with keeping in mind the fact that the file is named under the extension of recovery.img after the extraction.
How to root HTC desire

5. After the proper set up of the Android SDK environment, the main task ensues.

6. The HTC desire handset needs to be switched off completely. Then simultaneously click the volume down button and the power button and let the device boot to recovery mode.

7. Then the HTC desire needs to be connected to the PC after the Fastboot option from the device is selected. A command prompt window pops up where the user needs to navigate to the Android SDK installation and locate the ADB and the CMW zip file and type “fastboot flash recovery recovery.imp” as a command.
How to root HTC desire

8. The last step of the process to root the HTC desire is to install the SuperSU zip file and just simply copy back all the information of the SD file from the zip file while making sure the device is still plugged to the PC. After that is done, simply again like the third step, follow the same to boot in to recovery mode and from there the “Install zip from SD card” needs to be selected and further flash the zip file to the device and then just restart the phone once it’s done.
And that is all that covers the step wise guide on how to root HTC desire.
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