How to fix Disk Read Error Occurred

How to fix Disk Read Error Occurred
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One of the most annoying problem (Disk Read Error occurred) that facing by computer user and it also one of the extremely dreadful error that appear in front of you when you booting your pc into the operation system and usually peoples tends to solve this problem in a temporary way only and not cutting the root of this error (a Disk Read error Occurred) and they only try pressing “ctrl+alt+del” just to restart their computer and if it worked for a time there is no guarantee it will work every time.

Now it’s the time to know how to get rid of this problem permanently and how to fix the disk read error but first we must know the cause of this error which varies from computer and it varies from a hardware problem to a software. And this is why there is no a simple solution to this problem but a group of solution according to your problem.

Checking of the hard disk is failing or not

The failing or the failed hard driver can be the main cause of the error (Disk Read Error occurred) so we must first check the hard disk and its statue by downloading the ISO version of software “Easy Recovery Essentials” you can easily burn the ISO file into USB or even CD/DVD using any burning Software capable of doing this simple mission and once to do that restart your pc to finally check the statue of your hard disk.
Now you can click on the “Automated Repair” and wait till this test end and check the result in the case you find you hard driver is failing or has been already failed there no way now to solve this problem of Disk Read Error Occurred without replacing it with a new one.
How to fix Disk Read Error Occurred

Checking and Testing the Ram

It might be an odd thing to check and you are now asking yourself what has the RAM to do the with hard drive read error but believe me it can be the main cause of the struggle (Disk Read) here. So we going to checking the RAM by using a software program “MemTest86+” and as always you will install the ISO Version of it because you can access the windows and after burning to a CD or USB finally we can check the Statue of the RAM.
Note: you must check that the RAM is really well installed into the Slots of the motherboard before making the test using the “MemTest86+” and can be read well by the system
If “MemTest86+” finds errors during the RAM test, you must now replace this ram with a new one the after checking of it is installed securely into its slot in the mainboard as I mentioned before and well detected and read by the system.
How to fix Disk Read Error Occurred

Connect the Hard Drive to another Computer

The struggle (Disk Read) may remain without being able to detect the source and cause of error (a disk read error occurred) maybe because it is simply born with in the computer and to end this struggle the is only one way to do it and this by connecting the hard driver to a well working computer and see if the hard driver is booted all well to the windows so that’s mean that the affected computer is the main cause of the problem (Disk Read)and not the hard disk and if continue to show the error of Disk Read then there is no way to solve this without changing and replacing the hard driver itself.
How to fix Disk Read Error Occurred

Checking the hard driver IDE cable

Sometime just the IDE Cable of your hard disk is the cause of the error (Disk Read) and it’s the case here if the IDE Cable itself is not firmly secured to the hard disk or it not well fitted on the other end.
IDE Cable itself may be defective so try to replace it as soon as possible and of cores changing it is not a hard measure to take.
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How to fix Disk Read Error Occurred
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