10 Best Weather Apps for Android

10 Best Weather Apps for Android
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One of the best features that the android has brought up to the world is delivering forecast for weather. In general, smartphones made a perfect replacement for looking for the climate on the computer or waiting for the climate report on the TV.
Every new weather app for android adds up a new feature taking this climate forecasting to a completely new level. We will display 10 of the best android weather apps.



accuweather app for android is a free application for android which gives the opportunity to know nearly all the information you want, like hourly forecasts, extended forecasts and in the same time the software is designed carefully to prevent any misunderstanding and keeps its beautiful look. In addition to many other features as android wear support and radar. Accuweather app for android can easily enter the competition to be the best android weather app.
10 Best Weather Apps for Android



The software is made by OneLouder Apps, the application is not a new one but is still ranked between the most accurate weather apps. It comes with some standard features like the daily climate forecast and hourly forecast with available additional information if needed. The application also comes with some additional useful widgets, good design and 25 different languages. The application is free but with ads and you can make it without ads by paying only 0.99$, either ways you will be able to use the full features of the application.
10 Best Weather Apps for Android


Google Now:

Google Now is not specifically a weather app for android, but it is now replacing many mobile application including this field. Some features like extended forecasting might require some searching, but it will be perfect if you want a glance about the climate from time to time.
10 Best Weather Apps for Android


Eye in the Sky Weather:

CITC has made this software; after many users have tried it, it appeared to be a very good application with a very pretty user interface in a flat matte design. All the features you want will be available in the application as extended and current climate forecast, a dash clock and many other customizable applications.
10 Best Weather Apps for Android


Weather Bug:

This program is a very good application for climate forecasting for android. This software was from the initial application to have full climate forecasting features and it is still on the list being most accurate weather app for android. The application is now free on the play store with some useful and creative widgets.
10 Best Weather Apps for Android


Weather Timeline:

This app is not free but it is very affordable being under 1$ in the play store. It displays the climate in a time line consists of cards. There are moon viewer and radar maps, in addition to some nice visualization for clouds and rains. This application can easily be the best weather app.
10 Best Weather Apps for Android


YoWidnow Free Weather:

When you see this app for the first time, you would be amazed because it looks great and it is very easy to use. It is different and unique because instead of icons you would see a cartooned landscape with the climate symbolized like the real world. The application is free but with ads and you can pay to remove ads.
10 Best Weather Apps for Android


Simple Weather:

From the name of the application, you can tell. It depends on the simplicity of the design, like the android it is designed with the material design. The software is as simple as possible but it still includes all the features you could possibly search for in a software.
10 Best Weather Apps for Android


Go Weather:

It is made by GO Launched EX and has been the most accurate weather app for a long time. The application has the normal feature that are there in any climate app for android in addition to a great package of extra features like wind forecasts, lifestyle tips.
10 Best Weather Apps for Android


Yahoo Weather:

Yahoo are doing all they can to keep improving their application. Yahoo offers great design with advanced features and graphics. The great about the app is that you can track more than one city at a time up to 20 cities. You can post photos of the weather in your city on Flickr and add their hashtag #.
10 Best Weather Apps for Android

There is a great number of applications but which one could be the best android weather app.
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10 Best Weather Apps for Android
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