How to Add Impressum to you Facebook Page

How to Add Impressum to you Facebook Page
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The social media website has been the mandatory part of our life. There is no one in the world that is unaware of social media website.
The Facebook is one of the famous and number one social media website which almost everyone use who keep the smart phone or those people who does not keep the Smartphone they use it on computer and laptop. Therefore, it has been mandatory part of our daily life.

What is impressum on Facebook

There are bundle of features and options available on Facebook that people use daily for sharing photo, status, videos etc. Even, there are many business pages also available here through which people read the details about specific business. There are many local online businesses available through which people sell product to people online. Daily Facebook adds some new features and remove old features which are useless. Impressum features have been added in the Facebook recently in some of the countries due to the law of some specific countries. You can only see impressum features in Austria, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland and EU etc.


The basic motive for introducing this option on Facebook is that those companies or business who are selling product online and want to make Facebook official page, they should provide the detail about the company and term and condition of the company through which people could build the trust on the business or company. It has been mandatory in some of the countries mentioned above because there are many fake companies used to be on Facebook through which people were being cheated. For stopping such kind of things, this feature has been added so that a person who buys something from any brand could come to know about their physical residence and other terms and conditions.

Asian countries

In most of the countries, it is mandatory to put while making the official page on Facebook, but in some of the countries it has been added but not mandatory. It's very country to country and as per the each country's law, this feature has been implemented. You cannot find this option in Asian countries because yet they have not considered these options as mandatory.
How to Add Impressum to you Facebook Page

How to Add Impressum to you Facebook Page


Online businesses now can put the details about the business on Facebook page impressum based on the cyber law of each of the countries. The cyber laws remain different in each of the countries. Therefore, you have to put the details on this page as per your country laws. If you do not understand how to put the details of impressum on Facebook page, then you can find the Facebook impressum examples online. There are many other brands and people who have already placed the information on impressum Facebook page. Thus, you can learn through those pages and also Facebook has given the guideline for understanding this option. Therefore, you have to do little bit study for putting the information in it. In most of the countries, if anyone does not put the information about business on impressum Facebook page, then fine would be imposed on the seller. So it is being followed strictly.
How to Add Impressum to you Facebook Page

How to Add Impressum to you Facebook Page

Step by step

On Facebook page impressum, you have only 2000 characters limit in which you have to write all the details about your business as per the country cyber laws. If you do not know the cyber laws of the country, then you should find the official website of the government where you can read all the details and based on those details you can put the information on this page. It is not so much difficult to put the details on the Facebook. You have to follow the few steps below through which you can put the details easily.
How to Add Impressum to you Facebook Page

1. An official page of the business, you can find the option of “edit page” on Facebook.
2. There you can find the option of “update page info”
3. There you have to write down all the details of your business.
4. Then click on the Save button and close this window.
These are the few simple steps for putting the information about impressum on Facebook and also you can put other details of your business through the same page. It is not so much hard but you need to put correct and accurate information about your business.
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