All About TCS Ultimatix

All About TCS Ultimatix
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The TCS ultimatix is one of the management software through which the employee of the TCS ultimatix report of management and it is one of the portals where more than 300,000 employees’ remains connected with each other. It was very difficult for the TCS ultimatix for managing the employees before this software but now it has been very easy for them to manage everyone.
They have given the specific ID to each of the employee and everyone login into the system via user PW and submit the report work. It is the subsidiary of the TATA and they have different companies in more than 40 countries. It is very important to scale the performance of each of the employees and it is the only way through which they can scale down the performance of each employee.

Through the TCS ultimatix software, employees can do salary management, HR services, Timesheet, etc and this software helps the employee to make such things automatically. It is one of the biggest IT solution provider company and manage large amount of employee, so the ultimatix software help them to manage all the work from one place.
Whenever, they hire any of the employees, they assign a user PW to him or her. When an employee finds the need to submit the work report, then they log in with user pw and submit the report. They are managing all the employees through this portal. It is very amazing and unique and user friendly.

Web mail TCS

When you log in into the system, then you can access every feature of the portal. Therefore, if you want to send the email to any of the colleague then you can send it by using the web mail TCS services. Even you can receive the email of other colleague here. Through this system, it becomes very hard for any of the employee to steal any of the company data. They have limits each of the employees access the data through this portal only.
All About TCS Ultimatix

All About TCS Ultimatix

Ultimatix tcs app

Through the ultimatix Tcs app, it has been easier for the employees to access this software vai application. The employee can access this application through the App store or Play store and install it into the Smartphone and log in via user PW and access the account and update with the work anytime anywhere. It is a very exceptional system to manage all employees and scale down the performance of everyone.
All About TCS Ultimatix

All About TCS Ultimatix

Tcs global help desk

It is also the tcs global helpdesk where you receive the several complains of the customer and you have to solve the problem. Basically, it is the IT solution company, so you have to provide the perfect solution for the customer for solving the issue. Therefore, you have to analyze the problem and answer with appropriate solution which customer and apply and get rid of that particular problem.
After solving the problem of the customers, you have to submit the report for letting the organization know that how many customer problems, you have solved. It is a great portal through which you can do reporting.
All About TCS Ultimatix

All About TCS Ultimatix

Here are the features of ultimatix

1. It is very exceptional software for providing the daily schedule of work.
2. For the salary, when you log in into the account, you can download your printable salary slip and do not need to save the emails.
3. If you want leaves for a few days, you can send the leave application to your seniors and if your seniors accept the application, it means, you can go for holidays.
4. Through this software, you can analyze your performance and based on the performance, you can check your salary raise and fall.
5. Through this application, you can extract the contacts of your colleagues, seniors.
6. The users can easily manage the allowances and provident funds.
7. Due to this software, your life becomes much easier; you do not need to store the print of joining latter, offer letter and other important documents. When you need it, just click on the option, it would allow you to download.
8. Through this software, you directly, remain connected with HR and you can ask the question about your promotion, designation change and salary.
9. Inside this software, you can find the social network, where you can be connected with the rest of the employees of TCS.
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