What is the DNS server?

What is the DNS server?
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The DNS stand for domain name server

It is a technology that manages the domain names of the websites. Through the DNS technology you become able to open any specific websites in your browsers. For example, when you type www.anywebsite.com, the website which opens, it is because of the DNS. Behind the name of the websites, there is an IP address, which DNS server saves along with the name. When you type that the specific name of the website in browser, then a request sent to the root server and in reply a website opens in your browser. Basically, your computer communicates with the root DNS server to opening the specific websites.

What is root server?

All the installed DNS server communicate with each other by using Private network protocol. However, there are some root level servers which is around 13 in the quality and installed in different countries. Basically, when you type and websites name in the browser, then that specific request sent to the root server DNS and in the reply of root server allow you to open that specific website. Most of the people face problem that a country block that specific website even the root server has allowed you to open it. However, the local DNS server of the country can block any website that they want. They are the internet server provider in the country and they keep right to block the website which they want as per the country law.

What is an ISP DNS server?

The meaning of ISP is (internet service provider) each of the country keeps the main ISP who provides the internet services to the people. Therefore, when you try to open any website in your browser, then that specific request reaches to the ISP, if they approve then you become able to open that particular website. It is very common in most of the countries many websites are blocked by the ISP even though the root server allows you to open, but due to the country restrictions, you are not able to open it. So basically, the ISP is an internet service provider and handles the traffic of websites.
These above 13 roots servers communicate with each other and they are all in the same hierarchy. Therefore, if you sent the request to open any specific website and first root servers do not find that name of that specific website, then it would send the request to another root server. The same process proceeds to all 13 root servers. If that website does not exist, then you will not be able to open the page. So basically, DNS server manages the names of all websites which are available on the internet and make you able to use it when you request open via internet browsers.
The world internet service provider has installed the root servers in different countries like Australia, France, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and United States of America. If any of the servers become down, then other servers work and serve the people all over the world.

Where to find the DNS server IP?
What is the DNS server?

What is the DNS server?

You can easily find the DNS IP address on your home computer by opening the properties of the internet and check the IPV4 protocol properties where you can find the Gateway IP address through which open the sites in your computers. There are several ways for finding the DNS IP address in your computers.
There are two types of setting of DNS server which you can do on your computer. The first setting called DHCP, through the DHCP setting, the IP to your computer assigned automatically and your computer get the DNS server IP from Internet service provider and you do not need to put the IP address manually on the computer. The second option is to put the ISP DNS server IP manually on the computer. Now you can instruct your computer to use that particular DNS server for severing the website to that specific computer.

Concept of DNS and the World Wide Web

What is the DNS server?

What is the DNS server?

The website which you use and open in the browser that works when you are connected to the internet and you can only connect to the internet, if you have local IP addresses in your computer. However, every public website that work on the internet contains the a public IP address through which they open in the browsers, for example, here is the website www.anywebsite.com, if you check the Public IP address of this website then it would be like If you open this IP address in the browser like this then that particular website will open because the DNS saves the name of that particular IP and when you send the request to the root server to open that website, it searches the IP address in the database and approve your request to open that particular IP website. It is the main concept. Most people say the DNS is like a phone book which saves the names of websites in it and when you need it just put the name of the name of website and it would open in your computer.
So basically, through the internet connection, you remain connected with the root server and when you type website name in the browser, you get the website instantly because it is available at the root server.
You can easily change the DNS IP of the any client device or router. When you change the DNS IP of client device the a particular computer only use the different DNS IP but if you change the router DNS ip then the whole network connection DNS IP would change because most of the people use the DHCP IP system which assigned the IP automatically. Therefore, the DNS IP also comes from the router to those computers.

What is what is DNS settings and how to change the DNS IP in the computer?

What is the DNS server?

Every computer, laptop, or tablet which is connected with internet, it must have assigned to the DNS IP. Without DNS IP internet connection will not work. Therefore, you can do the DNS settings of the computer via below instructions.
1. First right click on the network and open it.
2. Then click on the status and choose the properties options from it.
3. Then select the internal protocol version TCP/IPV 4 and click properties button
4. Now you will get a window where you can change the primary DNS server address manually or you can keep it “Obtain DNS server addresses automatically.
5. Then hit the “Ok” button, through this process, you can change the IP of any computer or laptop easily.
This is the above simple process of changing the IP of the specific computer. Now, if you want to change the DNS IP of the router then you have to open the settings of the router and change the settings. Each of routers contains different settings of changing the DNS IP of the router. Thus, you can learn it by watching the video tutorial of that specific company router or you can read the help file of it.

What is OpenDNS server?

What is the DNS server?

The OpenDNS server is some kind of filter that handles the millions of queries daily and also prevents to open the adult content in the computer. Through the OpenDNS, you can filter the websites that which of the websites you want in the computer which should be blocked in the computer. It is best servers for families because through this you can protect your kids to open any adult websites.

How to check your DNS server?

What is the DNS server?

It is very simple to check your DNS server IP, simply open the properties on the connected internet and select the internal protocol version TCP/IPV 4 and click properties button, you will get the primary dns server address IP there. You can change, if you have another server to provide the internet to your computer. It is very common in an organization; people use different DNS for different computers. They divide the bandwidth into different division for maintaining the internet speed that is the reason why, they get internet services from different providers and provide the internet server within the organization to the people as per the need and requirement of the users.
It is very important to understand the concept of DNS for a person who wants to study the network. It is the basic step for learning further things about the networking. The concept of DNS should be clear from all aspects because it would help you to maintain the network of any organization. Through this article, you will get enough information about it and you can further explore on the internet.

When people use a different DNS server?

What is the DNS server?

Most of the time it happens that when you type the domain, IP address in the browser the websites opens perfectly and when you put the exact name of the domain, it does not work properly. It is a very common problem that people face. Therefore, for solving this issue, you can change the DNS server and then try to open the website, if it opens perfectly then there was a problem with the DNS of ISP. In this case, you can change the DNS server, which works perfectly and it happens that in many cases, the internet speed do not come as per the required speed. There might the DNS problem from the internet service provider.
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