Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO
Developer:Niantic, Inc.
Android version:4.4 and up
Interface language:eng
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Pokemon GO - a game in which you can catch the Pokémon in the real world using a Smartphone. Explore the streets of the city in search of Pokemon and PokeStop - locations where you can get additional items. Point of Pokemon you can catch a simple swipe gesture, running pokebol it.

After reaching level 5, which you can fill in catching Pokemon and collect items the player open gyms PokeGym. They can train their Pokémon and organize fights between animals. Pokemon who will win all in PokeGym, headed by the fitness room, and stain it with the colors of their team. By the way, you can play Pokemon Go for one of three teams: blue, red and yellow. Each Pokémon can bleed, causing evolution.
Cannot wait for the Pokemon the GO will be released in other countries, release date not yet announced, but the download Pokemon, and you can play right now.
Common mistakes and problems Pokemon GO:
Quickly drain the battery: it is necessary to activate the item "Battery Saver" in the game Pokemon Go settings. Also, disconnect the AR mode while catching Pokémon. Still it is necessary to reduce the brightness of the screen or set the automatic adjustment.
When the camera is capturing is enabled, but the Pokemon does not appear. Most likely, your smartphone is not the gyroscope. It is necessary to disable the AR mode while fishing.
Failed to detect location: go to Settings → Developer Tools. Here you need to find the item "Use fictitious location." It needs to be turned off.
Caught Pokémon, but the game freezes: it is necessary to wait 10 seconds. Thereafter, press on all the points on the screen. Restart Pokemon Go - Pokemon has to stay in a backpack.
How to play with 512 MB of RAM: requires root-access and Gltools program in which you want to reduce the quality of the textures to 0.25x.
"Our Servers Are Humbled By Your Incredible Response": the game server, or overworked, or made them work. Wait a few hours and try to log in again.
Version History:
0.29.2 The update adds support for the preview version Android 7.0. It is also now working on Intel x86 processors (ASUS Zen Phone and others).
Update 0.29.3 brought "minor changes in the text."
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Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO
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