Into the Void

Into the Void
Developer:Mozg Labs
Android version:4.0 and up
Interface language:eng
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Go into the depths of the dying universe to solve the mystery of the mysterious light that burns all living things.
★★★ -60% SALE - Limited time only ★★★

Take the reins of his faction. Build an invincible fleet and battle with your enemies in epic battles.

Wandering through the dying galaxy in search of answers and the necessary resources. Carefully fuel consumption and follow the morals of the crew.

Carefully choose which technologies to open, as only a balanced fleet able to withstand a variety of threats.

Compete with four completely different empires, each of which has its own techniques and tactics.

Space is not the place for careless and hasty decisions. Step by step system will help you to avoid this and to think through exactly your every step.

✔ A wonderful mix of RPG / TBS with a unique depth
✔ Randomly created the universe
✔ A long and interesting storyline
✔ 4 completely different factions
✔ epic turn-based battle
✔ Laser, Kinetic, and Plasma burst weapons - each with its own pros and cons.
✔ 16 main missions
✔ 20 additional missions
✔ A large number of ships with different modifications
✔ More than 100 technology in four separate branches
✔ The huge number of different subjects, from engine and shields, compartments until the soldiers or drones
✔ ABSOLUTELY no in game shopping
✔ Beautiful graphics

Many centuries ago, our ancestors were forced to leave the Earth. Radiation Field, now known as the "miasma", permeated the air and poisoned the planet.
The land is now faded and rotting among the expanding desert areas, which absorbed the mysterious haze.
Today miasma extends deep into the galaxy and continues to grow. Sometimes it appears in a minor breach, the origin of which is unknown.
Many fear that this expansion will never stop. Some are looking for ways to contain the spread of radiation. And very few are willing to make an expedition to the infected places, risking their lives.
Amid all this chaos, there were four separate factions: Asliya, Al Ayr, Kalta and Foremen Armageddon. All of them pursue their goals.
En Ayr came from trade guild. Now they control many trade routes, simultaneously investing in military and medical technology.
Kalta exist on the edge of the galaxy, creating the most advanced technology and is not stopping at nothing to get what they are looking for.
Little is known about Asliyu. Rumor has it that their people live happily ever after, secure energy shields. But they have little participate in the life of the other factions.
Foremen Armageddon are actually pirates. Basically they rob caravans En Ayr. Their people are very free, but there are also some very strong leaders.
We are those who absolutely accurately assesses the threat of "Miasma". As a matter of fact an independent group, we plan to find and destroy the source of contamination before the galaxy is completely absorbed.
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Into the Void
Into the Void
Into the Void
Into the Void
Into the Void
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